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When you succeed at something, after you enjoy your accomplishment and party with your friends and family, you find yourself looking outward again, looking forward, looking beyond to the next adventure.

Connie and Tim (and Sampson) have found a new horizon - and their journey has already begun. And Spirit Wise is the success story that is helping them launch their new adventure.

For 29 years, Spirit Wise has been the metaphysical mainstay of SouthWest Colorado. The love and warmth, the beautiful merchandise, the classes and the music, and of course the people - many of us have grown up with Spirit Wise as a pivotal part of our spiritual, emotional, and even financial world.

And because of Connie's devotion, and Tim's dedication, and Sampson's pure awesomeness - and all the amazing energy contributed by people along the way - Spirit Wise gets to ride into the Sunset of our memories, sparkling with fairy dust and light. She survived the scary fiscal drought, and sustained us until the world was ready to openly speak of the mysteries of magic and energy and manifestation. She was a place of calm, exploration, tears, laughter, truths, healing and hugs. And she is a shining example of success.

Thank you to all the amazing people who have been a part of this adventure.
Thank you, Spirit Wise. 
Thank you Connie, Tim, and Sampson. 
May we all prosper and grow and become all we desire to be 
on the New Horizon.


Spirit Wise will continue to have an online presence both through this website and our Monthly Newsletter.

Call 303-730-2974 for info on available readings and healings 

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Sept, 2nd and 3rd

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Spirit Wise Newsletter

We at Spirit Wise would like to thank everyone who has shopped in our beautiful little store these past 29 years either for the first time or as  returning customers. You are the folks that help make small businesses successful. These past years have been a wonderful adventure for all at Spirit Wise and 2018 has was the very best. Many new folks have discovered our amazing little store and old friends have continued to shop and visit. As the year has moved forward, we have continued to understand how truly thankful we have been to serve you. Our wonderful friends and customers have made Spirit Wise a joy and a blessing. Thank you so very, very much for the support and love you have shown.